Ready to go Solar?


Our goal is to push sustainable energy to homes and businesses to achieve a healthier community and environment.


Achieve even greater peace of mind concerning your residential solar investment with Envisha Energy’s new

1-for-1 Power Production GUARANTEE

What exactly is Envisha Energy’s 1-for-1 Power Production Guarantee?

Envisha Energy’s power production guarantee is a guarantee that either (1) your system produces what was estimated in year 1, or (2) if it doesn’t, you get reimbursed 2x the current utility rate

What If I do not produce the guaranteed kWh as promised in year 1?

If your system does not produce the minimum kWh in year 1 as guaranteed, we promise to pay you 2x what your current electric company is charging you for any loss power.


You are promised your system will produce 10,000 kwh in year 1 but you only produced 9,000 kwh. If your current electric rate is $.14/kwh. (10,000–9,000=1,000) (1,000x$.28=$280.00) We promise to pay you $280.00 for the loss of power not produce by your solar system in year 1.

*This guarantee is backed by Envisha Energy LLC and not by any finance partners, dealers, and/or any associated third party of Envisha Energy.

How Does Solar Work?

1) Solar panels absorb energy from the sun and creates DC electricity
2) Inverter converts DC power into AC power and controls the electricity and production of the solar system
3) Utility meter allows the excess solar power to flow back into the grid
4) Main Service Panel distributes the electricity to your home circuits
5) Utility Grid supplements electricity when you need more than your solar system can provide